Welcome to anvi'server

An interactive tree visualization platfrom (very unstable alpha version)

What is anvi'server?

Anvi'server is an open-source work environment for data visualization, and is a part of a larger project, anvi'o. We designed anvi'o primarily for scientists who routinely use high-throughput sequencing data to study microbial life in complex environments. One of the features of anvi'o is its visualization strategy that distills multiple dimensions of information into a single display, offering a dynamic and unified work environment for data exploration, manipulation, and reporting. When we realized that the interactive interface of anvi'o can also be useful for ad hoc visualization tasks, we decided to create anvi'server. Anvi'server is a part of the anvi'o codebase.

Upload, Analyze, Share

Using this website you can upload your data files to create publication-quality figures in minutes using highly-configurable interface options, and you can share your visualizations publicly or privately in a read-only format.

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